Every year, the principles and rules of companie’s work and enterpreneurs in the field of intellectual property are approaching the standarts adopted by the world community. At present the protection of intellectual property rights is becoming more and more demand and necessary.

Our lawyers provide assistance in matters related to protection of trademarks for goods and services, copyrights, investions and industrial developments, as well as for the registration og intellectual property rights.

Main services in this area:

  • copyrights;
  • comercial secrets;
  • media and communications;
  • patens and inventions;
  • acquisition of intellectual property rights;
  • registration of property rights;
  • industrial designs;
  • marks for godos and services;
  • brand names;
  • representation of clients’ interests in courts;
  • trademark registration;
  • support for registration, transfer, use and protección of intellectual property rights.