Legal Company Responsalis provides a full range of services in the sphere of family law to Ukrainian and foreign clients, including legal advice, drafting of contracts, regulating family and hereditary relations. Also our company accompanies procedures of out-of-court settlement of disputes, including mediation, the government is implementing in the courts and other state bodies, accompanies the execution of judicial decisions.

Main services in this area:

  • drafting contracts in the field of family and hereditary legal relations of marriage contracts, contracts regulating property relations, maintenance contracts, agreements about defining residence and the procedure for communicating with the child, wills, hereditary contracts, agreements on other issues requiring legal registration;

  • advising and representation such issues:
  1. conlusion and dissolution of marriage, division of property;
  2. property and non-property rights of persons living in a civil marriage;
  3. alimentary legal challenging paternity, determining the place of residence of the child, determining the order of communication, upbringing and maintenance of the child by the parent living separately ;

  4. the establishment of guardiaship and trusteeship, the placement of children deprived of parental care, adoption;
  5. inheritance by will and by law, registration of rights to inheritance;
  • support in procedures of pre-trial settlement of conflicts, including mediation, representation of client’s interests in courts and other state bodies on issues of family and inheritance law.